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Working with me is a simple process. Read more about out the process below, then get in touch with me directly here so we can begin.

What to expect from counselling

Counselling can either be short term or longer term. Some clients find they might just need 2-3 sessions to work through something that is troubling them, whilst other clients may continue to benefit from counselling for a longer period say up to 2 years to explore more about themselves. Having been through counselling myself, I’d best describe it as an environment that allows you to explore something difficult, explore who you are, and to change unhelpful thinking patterns.

So how does it work? The safe and confidential space that is counselling allows you to share your thoughts and feelings out loud with an impartial, non-judgemental person who gives you their full attention. It differs from talking to a friend or relative in that those conversations often aren’t just about you, but the other person too, as that’s how we find we relate to others. In a counselling space it’s different. It’s a rare opportunity for the conversation to be just about you and this can be impactful. It may focus not just on your feelings, but also how your mind links to your physical body and your beliefs too.

By talking about your feelings, often clients find that physical ailments are aided or reduced and that belief systems can be challenged and changed.

I often think of it like learning to unravel some mixed-up balls of wool that are all knotted and twisted and untidy. Through counselling you unravel the balls of life, tidy them up and even throw the odd one out that you no longer need to hold onto. They may then get a bit knotted up from time to time but you’ll know how to unravel them yourself.

Whilst it can feel daunting to make a first contact, rest assured you’ll be relieved you took action to help yourself feel differently about something.

From £50 per session / £45 for students

Ready to start your journey? Get in touch with me now.